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Far field optical diffraction at a polycrystalline (left) and single colloidal crystals (right) (Optics Letters-1999)


2D Waveguide Gratings

Colloidal crystal made of 0.98mm poly-styrene microspheres (JOSA-B-2000)


Colloidal crystallization on a surface of a planar optical waveguide is a cost-effective technology to fabricate a two-dimensional waveguide grating with hexagonal symmetry. While the modal index variation associated with the colloidal particles at the surface of the waveguide is not enough to form a photonic crystal, many interesting properties of 2D waveguide gratings can be studied using the colloidal crystallization technology.




Our publications attributed to this category deal with optical characterization of colloidal crystals and their use for light coupling to and out of a planar waveguide with possible application in optical communication systems. Back in 1999/2000, this research was highlighted in Optics and Photonics News, Special Issue: Optics in 1999, and in Fibre Systems Europe.


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