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Semiconductor Lasers & Quantum Wells

Semiconductor lasers (or laser diodes, LD), first demonstrated in early 60s, were thought to be hardly suitable for any practical applications. These days, the entire laser industry is classified by many as industry of semiconductor lasers and all other types of lasers. By overall compactness and wall-plug efficiency, no other laser source can compete with laser diodes. Major milestones in the development of semiconductor lasers include double heterostructure for separate optimization of confinement of charge carriers in the active area and emitted light in the guiding layer; extremely narrow active area (quantum well, QW) in which quantization of motion of electrons and holes leads to a sharper density of states distribution in the energy domain and eventually to higher output efficiency; wavelength selection and tunability in lasers with built-in diffraction gratings: distributed feedback (DFB) and distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR) lasers; vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) with extremely high modulation speed and optical output matching the fundamental mode of a standard optical fiber; quantum cascade (QC) lasers - well, these are not diodes anymore, - in which efficient population of the top energy level and depopulation of the bottom level are achieved through quantum tunneling resonances; and, of course, introduction of new material systems that expand wavelength range covered by semiconductor lasers.


Our contribution to the field comprises the concept of binary superimposed gratings (BSG) for widely tunable semiconductor lasers. The technology has been patented and licensed to Nortel Networks. Earlier work includes research on lateral current injection lasers, studies of fine spectral modulations due to tunneling coupling between the guided mode in a laser and the substrate modes, development of high-power aluminum-free pump lasers, lasers with external resonators, and spectroscopic characterization of quantum well structures.


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