Ivan Avrutsky

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Principal Investigator in following projects:

NSF Center: Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials, with U of Michigan as leading organization (2011-2017). Wayne State share $210K.


Giant Vacuum Rabi Splitting Using Intraband Transitions in Quantum Wells Coupled to Surface Plasmon-Polaritons

Hanscom AFRL (2010-2012) $118K.


Diffractive Imaging Micro-Spectrometer

University contractor in NSF-STTR Phase II Award # IIP 0924702 (2009-2011)

and NSF-STTR Phase I Award # IIP 0741171 (2008)

Total budget for Wayne State: $226K


Integrated Optical Polarizer for Silicon-On-Insulator Waveguides

Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative (MUCI 2008-2009) $35K.


Diffractive Imaging Spectrometer

Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative (MUCI 2006-2007) $39K.


UV Laser Source for Diffractive Imaging Microspectrometer

Photonics Technology Access Program (PTAP 2004-2005)

sponsored by NSF and DARPA-MTO, $12K


Low-Loss Waveguides in Barium Borate for Application in Quantum Cryptography

National Science Foundation, Award # ECS-0335309 (2003-2004), $50K

Joint project with Dr. William Lanford, SUNY at Albany

Compact High-Brightness Semiconductor Lasers Using Waveguide Grating Mirror
National Science Foundation, Award # ECS-0096800 and a supplementary REU award

(2001-2002), $102K

Optical Bio-Sensors Based on Diffraction Efficiency of Waveguide Gratings
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc., Contract # 255KR (2000 - 2001), $53K

Co-Principal Investigator in following projects:

Real-Time Biosensor Water Monitoring System

DOD/TACOM, Contract # DAAE 07-03-C-L140 (2003-2007) $4.5M

PI Gregory W. Auner, Co-PIs Ivan Avrutsky, Paul Montgomery, Matt Jackson, Hao Ying, Pepe Siy, Ratna Naik, Golam Newaz.


Acquisition of High Resolution Scanning Probe Hall Microscope

National Science Foundation, Award # ECS-0321037 (2003-2004) $123K

PI Boris Nadgorny. Co-PIs Ivan Avrutsky, Stephanie Brock, Peter Hoffmann, Lowell Wenger

Advanced Technologies for Bridge Engineering

Federal Highway Administration, Contract # DTFH61-01-X-00089 (2001-2004), $800K

PI Gongkang Fu, Co-PIs Ivan Avrutsky, Haluk Aktan, Hwai-Chung Wu, Ronald Gibson

Internal Awards:

Nanophotonic Materials

Office of Vice-President for Research Program on Nanomaterials and Materials Science (2007-2008)

Nanophotonic Circuits

Wayne State University Graduate School and Office of Vice-President for Research; Support for a GRA position for AY 2007/2008

2D Nano-Patterned Surfaces for Studies of Protein Affinity to Silicon

Wayne State University, Institute for Manufacturing Research; Support for a GRA position (AY 2006/2007)

Numerical Simulation of Lateral Mass Transport in Laser Annealing of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Thin Films

High-Performance Computing IGERT Program at Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University; Support for a GRA position (AY 2004/2005, 2005/2006, 2006/2007)

High Power High Brightness Lasers Using Waveguide Grating Mirror

Wayne State University Research Award Program (2000)

Acquisition of a Near-IR Camera

Wayne State University, Institute for Manufacturing Research (1999)


E-mail to avrutsky@eng.wayne.edu.

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