Ivan Avrutsky



Integrated Optics and Nano-Photonics Laboratory: Facility


1. Optical Table 1: Newport, 10x4 sq. ft., pneumatic vibration isolation.

1.1. Holographic Gratings/Waveguide Characterization setup.

· Coherent INNOVA FRED-300C Ar-ion laser, 257nm CW (other blue-green and deep-UV wavelengths available) – main exposure source in the deep-UV holographic gratings setup.

· Coherent 899 Ring Ti:Sapphire laser, CW, tunable from 800nm-1000nm; equipped with the circulation unit to operate with dyes – used as a source for characterization of waveguide devices.

· Melles Griot 25-LHP-171-249 He-Ne laser, 8 mW CW at 632.8nm; equipped with a narrow-band pass filter – used for characterization of optical waveguides and grating-based devices.

· Photonetics semiconductor laser, CW, tunable from 1490nm-1590nm, single-mode fiber output; ILX Lightwave LDX-3412 precision current supply – used for characterization of optical waveguides.

· Melles Griot 13PEM001 broadband Power/Energy Meter – used mainly to set the exposure intensity at 257nm.

· Coherent LabMaster Powermeter with model 100E head.

· Newport 815 optical powermeter with Si and Ge (AD226) photodetectors – used mainly in the waveguide characterization setup.

· PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR-14 photon counter – used for low-intensity light measurements.

· Newport 900 spatial filter– used for cleaning the 257nm laser beam for holographic exposure.

· Custom built electronic shutter, computer-controlled – used for controlling the deep-UV holographic exposure time.

· EIA WAT-801N CCD camera with Javelin BWM12 monitor – permanently set for monitoring precise autocollimation of the 257nm beam.   

· Ophir Beamstar-FX-66-NT beam profiler – used for monitoring the intensity distribution in the 257nm beam.

· Aerotech ADR-200 rotation stage, Unidex-100 controller; 2 arc. sec. accuracy over 360 deg. – used for setting the incident angle in the holographic exposure and for waveguide characterization.  

· Custom-built prism couplers.

· Stanford Research Systems SR830-DSP lock-in amplifier, SR540 chopper – the instruments shared between the Waveguide Characterization setup and Spectroscopy setup on Optical Table 2.

· PC dedicated for controlling the rotation stage and lock-in amplifier.

· PC dedicated for controlling the beam profiler.

1.2. Optical microscopy.

· Leica DM-RX microscope; laser input ports in both imaging and illumination light paths.

· Diagnostic Instruments RT-Slider SPOT camera, thermo-electrically cooled.

· PC dedicated for acquiring images from the camera.

1.3. General purpose electronic devices.

    · Agilent 33120A 15MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator.

    · KEPCO BOP-20-10M bipolar operational power supply/amplifier.

    · Newport 5060 Laser Diode Driver.

· Newport 505 Laser Diode Driver.

    · Keithley 197 Microvolt DMM.

    · Tektronix 2465B 400MHz oscilloscope.

· Hewlett Packard 54503A 500MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope.


2. Optical Table 2: Newport 6x4 sq. ft., rigid legs.

2.1. Visible-near IR spectroscopy setup – transmission, reflection, and modulated reflection spectroscopy from 300nm-1800nm.

· Digikrom 240 spectrometer, three gratings: 1200, 600, and 300 lines/mm.

· 100W Quartz halogen lamp, quartz condenser lens.

· Newport 1825 powermeter with Si (Newport 818SL and UDT Sensors PIN-10DP) and Ge (GPD Optoelectronics GM13HS) photodetectors.

· PC dedicated for controlling the spectrometer.

2.2. Fiber-optic spectrometer Hewlett-Packard HP-70951B, 600nm-1700nm.

2.3. FJW Optical Systems Find-R-Scope 85400A camera, 400nm-1800nm, with VM-212 monitor.

2.4. Oriel 68806 UV lamp – used as a light source for contact lithography.

2.5. General purpose electronics.

· Hewlett-Packard HP 4140B pA-meter/DC voltage source.

· Hewlett-Packard HP 54200A Digitizing Oscilloscope.

· Tektronix 2213A 60MHz oscilloscope.

· Hewlett-Packard HP 8082A Pulse Generator.

· Stanford Research Systems SR245/250/280 gated integrator.


3. Optical Table 3: Newport RS2000, 6x3 sq. ft., pneumatic vibration isolation.

3.1 Fiber, Integrated, and Micro-optics setup.

· Coherent Radius-375 UV laser, CW 377nm

· Snake Creek Lasers SCL 9.0MM MINI, 100mW CW 532nm.

· Coherent FieldMaster-TO powermeter with PS-10 head.

· Newport 1830-C powermeter with 818-F-IR photodetector.

· Anritsu MW9040B optical time domain reflectometer, 0.85/1.3um. 

· Reichert Stereo Star Zoom 570 microscope, 0.7x to 4.2x.

· Newport F-1015 coupler (bulk beam to fiber).

· Newport UltraLign 561D manual XYZ translation stage.

· ThorLabs Max-313/ATP-003 5-axes manual alignment stage.

    · Aerotech ANT-50L XY translation stage with Aerotech Ensemble Epaq controller.

· PC dedicated for controlling the Aerotech translation stage.


4. Wet bench, 8-ft wide with exhaust.

4.1. Photoresist processing.

· Laurell Technologies WS-400E-NPP Spin Processor, programmable 100-10,000 rpm, vacuum chucks for samples from 1/8” to 6”.

· Torrey Pines Scientific HP30A digital hot plate, 1 deg. C accuracy  – dedicated for post-exposure baking of chemically amplified deep-UV photoresist.

· Fisher Scientific Isotemp manually controlled hot plate with Omega Electronics Super MCJ temperature sensor – used for hard baking.

4.2. Sample preparation: Branson 3510 heated ultrasonic bath, equipped with two containers used simultaneously; normally filled with acetone and ethanol.


5. Other equipment in the lab

5.1 Optical Polishing

· Buehler Fiberpol Polishing Systems (2 units)

· Buehler Fibrmet Optical Fiber polishing

5.2 Fiber inspection microscopes

· Newport F-ML1 Fiber Inspection Microscope

· Bausch&Lomb Fiber-VUE fiber inspection microscope

5.3 Terra Universal 1911-23 Smart Desiccator



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